LED EAGLE DiamondVision 9005(HB3) LED Headlight Bulbs

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DELIVERS 12,000 LUMENS BRIGHTNESS AND AVERAGE 12-YEAR LIFESPAN with the top of the line technology. With a FREE 1-year warranty from our trusted Canada based headquarters.

EASY INSTALLATION is as simple as changing any LED lights using our ‘Plug-n-Play’ technology. Direct replacement for 9005(HB3) halogen bulbs.

RESISTANT TO EXTREME WEATHER snow, storm, fog and night time driving using IP65-rated water-resistant LED and aircraft-grade aluminum body.

COMPATIBLE WITH ALL VEHICLES 2011 AND BEYOND leveraging Total Integrated Power Modules (TIPM) systems. 

WHAT YOU GET 2x LED EAGLE DiamondVision LED Headlight bulbs with 12,000LM(6,000LM*2) and 72W(36W*2), 2x intelligent illumination drivers/ballasts, 2x built-in factory plugs/wires.

WARNING Do not purchase if your daytime running light (DRL) runs <9 volts.

Customer Reviews

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My unbiased review

After reading other people's reviews and seeing the YouTube clips I figured I would try these bulbs out. Initially I bought the Auxbeam F16 bulbs while they were bright they had not horizontal adjustment and the light was scattered.

These bulbs promised to be brighter and have horizontal adjustments. I have used these bulbs for a few weeks so far here are my thoughts. I love the ability to adjust the horizontal via the Allen key it's simple and very useful. The hotspot is localized and focused which I like.

Surprised at the high quality

I installed the 9005 in a 2018 F150 XLT which has dysmal high beams from Ford. They were as easy (or difficult) to install as a regular replacement headlight bulb. Needed a 7/16 socket and a T-25 screwdriver. Had to loosen the T-25 torx screws on the metal bracket holding the bulb in to get it to fully rotate and click into place, then just retightened, really easy. Plenty of room for the tranformers inside the headlight housing behind the rubber boot.

Fans run silently with virtually no vibration. No issues with check headlight warnings after installing. No FM radio interference.

I am extremely happy with light output, probably 4x more light on the road, the beam pattern is as it should be for high beams.

Wow amazing lights.

Wow. Buy these lights😇 stop looking you will NOT be disappointed. What they say is what you get. Just read the reviews. Awesome Great job LED Eagle.I installed A set of high beam and low beam in my 2018 Toyota 4Runner. They are amazing. They blow my last set but leaps and bounds. Note the photos do not do these justice. First pic is low beam they high and then again the same low then high. You can’t see in pic but when high was on I could see the trees clear across the field.

But for every one out there looking let me tell you. I previously had an led from a local seller in my low beam projector, witch I paid 150$ for! I found the light was dimmer then the stock halogen. I was very disappointed. So I put that led into my fog lights they work great there. But I was now sceptical that any LED could put the light out in the projector housing the way a 360degree halogen dose. But when I found these and read all the reviews and the price! I thought I can get high and low beam for just over 180$ it’s worth the try. And was it ever. Led eagle has an Awesome hot spot from the projector nice smoth line and wide light spread. Also the led is adjustable so you can change the angle to get that hot spot spread out or what ever you want. I had a hard time to get all the wires to fit with the dust cap on and not interfer with the fan blades on the light but it was doable with time. The high beam is in a reflector houseing and it absolutely lights every thing up and leaves a bright hot spot down the road.

Only one complaint. I had to use a thin ring of rubber that I cut from the old H11 low beam halogen. Slipped it Over the 9005 high beam LED and used it to make the light fit more snug. Because with out it the light had some movement. Very little movement I might add but I’m OCD I guess. Also note this may only be due to my vehicle make.

Solid build, worth the $

The build quality of these bulbs is great. The connectors are robust, the extruded aluminum is nicely machined and it's NOT two large parts sandwiched together to save on cost. The two screws holding one aluminum plate is to retain pressure on the LEDs for heat transfer. The base of the bulb where it interfaces with your headlight assembly is not loose in the slightest, no play can be detected with your fingers. It's adjustable with one set screw hex key (allen key provided in kit). The fan is like any of your other fans, I haven't taken that apart yet to see. The driver is nicely sealed to protect the components (capacitors, transistors, inductors, etc) from moisture and vibration. All I could recognize was the capacitor and a 330 uH inductor. The rest is sealed beyond sight under silicone. The xd16 cree chips it uses will range from 4356lm/bulb to 6192lm/bulb depending on operating temperature as specified by Cree (max 172lm/W at binning conditions) . I'm looking forward to see what the beam pattern will be considering the LED chips have the same form and position as the tungsten coil in the original stock halogen bulbs. Will update in a few days. Keep up the good quality Led Eagle. Updated: put the led in, on the right side is the new led, excellent beam pattern, good hotspot and not washed out as with old led on the left. This bulb is about 3x brighter at 6ft from the car compared to the previous led bulb I had in there. Last image is original halogen beam pattern for reference.

Very bright headlights and great value

My wife bought the first kit for her 2017 Dodge Journey, since then, I have purchased these bulbs for my car as well. They are very bright and exceeds all my expectations. Great value.