Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Are your LED headlights suitable for CAN bus systems?

A: Yes, these LED bulbs are suitable for CAN bus ballasts. 

Q: How are these in the snow? All other LED lights I've tried don't provide enough heat to melt snow and ice.

A: These LED lights melt snow and ice well and will provide superior road visibility.

Q: Will these work as replacement fog lights for the 2012 Infiniti g37x sedan?

A: It's very easy to install our LED bulb on 2012 Infiniti G37 if you remove your original bulb. Installing this LED kit is just like installing any bulb in a lighting fixture, plug-and-play.

You will need this fog light: H8
(High/Low Beam: D2S)

Q: Looking at your H11 LED, does it handle bulb out errors? I have an mk3 ford focus.

A: It includes built-in ballasts. A set of LED headlight kit fits any kind of Ford models. 

Q: Is there a way for me to only buy one? I have a motorcycle.

A: All our LED headlights are sold in pairs. You may like to consider keeping one as a spare.

Q: Do I need something to protect the fan from mud on 9140 bulbs for replacing the fog lights on my 2010 F150? Will the fan get plugged up?

A: The customers that have previously purchased this LED had no issues with mud on it. Their housing is able to protect this from happening to the bulbs.

An alternative is to purchase a fan-less LED: 

Q: Will these fit within the dust cover of a projector lens on a RAM 2500 2017 model year?

A: Yes.

Q: When the dust cover is put on, it will encase the fan and bulb inside the lamp housing. Does a hole have to be put in the dust cover for ventilation?

A: No, this is not necessary.


Q: Will it fit in my Honda Civic?

A: The following bulb sizes will fit your Honda Civic.

Low beam: 9006 
High beam: 9005 
Foglight: H11

Q: Will these bulbs work for both, high beam and low beam? Or just one? 

A: The H13 bulb size is a dual beam bulb, meaning it will work for headlights that have both high and low beam as a single bulb. Keep in mind each vehicle has a different bulb size. Please double check if your car uses the H13 bulbs prior to purchase. 

Q: Do I need both the TIPM and a resistor for Dodge vehicles? 

A: For most of Dodge vehicles, the LED should work with the TIPM modules. 

You will need resistors only if the power supply to the LED is unstable or insufficient even with the TIPM modules. We suggest trying the TIPM bundle first, and if flickering does occur then purchase the resistors. 

Q: Will these fit my 97 Camry? And work with high and low beams?

A: The 9003 standard kit will fit your dual high and low beam headlight on a 1997 Toyota Camry. Also, these LED bulbs are plug and play. 

Q: Does the PowerVision conversion kit come with the lamp?

A: These kits include 2 LED headlights with the built-in driver. They DO NOT contain any canbus/anti-flicker module, those are sold separately. 

Q: Will this fit a vehicle that requires H11B?

A: The H11B bulb is not the same as H11.

You will need to modify the bulb in order for it to work. If you have a mechanic who is installing your LED, this may be an option.