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Extended Warranty Policy

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1. Coverage for damages to Your Product resulting from natural causes begins upon Product purchase date and continues for the Term of 2-years.

2. Coverage for a Breakdown begins upon the expiration of the shortest portion of the manufacturer’s original parts and/or labor warranty (1-year) and continues for the remainder of Your Term shown on Your Policy Purchase Receipt.

In order to be eligible for Coverage (defined below) under this Policy, the merchandise must be: (a) purchased from an Authorized Retailer; and (b) not covered under any other insurance, warranty, guarantee and/or extended warranty contract providing the same benefits as outlined herein.

During the EXTENDED WARRANTY INSURANCE POLICY TERM described above, in the event of a covered Claim this Policy provides for: (1) the labor and/or parts required to Repair Your original covered Product, or (2) a Replacement of the original covered Product in lieu of Repair (“Coverage”). Coverage described in this Policy does not replace or provide duplicative benefits during any active manufacturer’s warranty period. During such period, anything covered under that warranty is the sole responsibility of the manufacturer and will not be considered under this Policy; regardless of the manufacturer’s ability to fulfill its obligations. We will Repair or Replace Your Product pursuant to the provisions of this Policy. If We decide to Replace Your Product, technological advances may result in a Replacement with a lower selling price than the previous covered Product, and no reimbursement based on any Replacement item cost difference will be provided. Any and all parts or units Replaced under this Policy become Our property in their entirety. When a Replacement is applicable and provided in lieu of Repair, any accessories, attachments and/or peripherals that are integrated with the Product, but that were not provided and included by the manufacturer in the packaging and with the original sale of the covered Product, will NOT be included with such Replacement