LED EAGLE DiamondVision H13(9008) LED Headlight Bulbs

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DELIVERS 12,000 LUMENS BRIGHTNESS AND AVERAGE 12-YEAR LIFESPAN with the top of the line technology. With a FREE 1-year warranty from our trusted Canada based headquarters.

EASY INSTALLATION is as simple as changing any LED lights using our ‘Plug-n-Play’ technology. Direct replacement for H13(9008) halogen bulbs.

RESISTANT TO EXTREME WEATHER snow, storm, fog and night time driving using IP65-rated water-resistant LED and aircraft-grade aluminum body.

COMPATIBLE WITH ALL VEHICLES 2011 AND BEYOND leveraging Total Integrated Power Modules (TIPM) systems.

WHAT YOU GET 2x LED EAGLE DiamondVision LED Headlight bulbs with 12,000LM(6,000LM*2) and 72W(36W*2), 2x intelligent illumination drivers/ballasts, 2x built-in factory plugs/wires.

WARNING Do not purchase if your daytime running light (DRL) runs <9 volts.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Best LEDs I've tried so far for my 2006 Durango

After my last set of LEDs I was skeptical. But these are amazing!

-Arrived a day early
-Attractive packaging
-Arrived undamaged
-Overall 2/2 for shipping and handling satisfaction

-Impressive and stylish design
-Seems to more closely imitate the filament position in halogen bulbs
-Beefy lights (I wasn't sure that they'd fit)
-Adjustable beams
-Clear instructions
-Overall 2/2 at first glance

-These were super easy to install (headlamp removal procedure varies depending on your vehicle)
-Easy plug and play install with no modifications to factory connectors
-Did not include zip ties for the drivers
-Overall 1.9/2 for Installation

-Pefrect, flat beam "hotspot"
-Doesn't just throw light out every which way
-No discernable "black spots"
-Excellent light color and brightness
-Fans are noticeably audible, but only with the vehicle turned off and is just a faint hum
-Daytime Running lights still flicker slightly even though the drivers should prevent this (could be my vehicle's wiring)
-Overall 1.9/2 for performance

-This is my second set of LED headlights and I am 100% satisfied! These perform so much better than the last set I purchased which simply threw light everywhere and made no discernible difference from low beam to high.
-These work perfectly in reflector assemblies, so no need to upgrade headlights to projector style just to keep the light in front of you.
-After an easy installation and unmatched illumination performance at an affordable price I couldn't be more pleased with this product and I definitely recommend them!
-Overall 2/2 for experience/satisfaction

-0.1 for not including zip ties to secure drivers
-0.1 for slight flickering of DTR lamps

Nice quality and bright

First impressions after you open the box is a good quality set of lights, nice cables and supprised to see the drivers are aluminum to the only thing that isn’t is the tipm
Module. I bought the 9008/h13 for my application and they are nice and bright I installed them 2 weeks ago and I have never been high beamed by other drivers with my low beams on so the low beam cutoffs seem to be doing there job I would recommend these to anyone looking for a upgrade. In the video I uploaded you can notice when the high beams are switched on how far up the signs are lit up and in person is much brighter. I would recommend everyone to get their headlights re aimed after installation might just be in my case but I re aimed mine because they seemed low and you noticed it more because these are brighter I have the equipment at work so it was easy for me. Time will tell how long these last also the fans are not noticeable while on.

Nice Headlight

This is the best brand I tried, these are easy install and super bright too. Those work great with no issue.