LED EAGLE DiamondVision H13(9008) LED Headlight Bulbs & TIPM Bundle

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DELIVERS 12,000 LUMENS BRIGHTNESS AND AVERAGE 12-YEAR LIFESPAN with the top of the line technology. With a FREE 1-year warranty from our trusted Canada based headquarters.

EASY INSTALLATION is as simple as changing any LED lights using our ‘Plug-n-Play’ technology. Direct replacement for H13(9008) halogen bulbs.

RESISTANT TO EXTREME WEATHER snow, storm, fog and night time driving using IP65-rated water-resistant LED and aircraft-grade aluminum body.

COMPATIBLE WITH ALL VEHICLES 2011 AND BEYOND leveraging Total Integrated Power Modules (TIPM) systems.

WHAT YOU GET 2x LED EAGLE DiamondVision LED Headlight bulbs with 12,000LM(6,000LM*2) and 72W(36W*2), 2x intelligent illumination drivers/ballasts, 2x built-in factory plugs/wires, 2x CANbus (TIPM) decoders.

WARNING Do not purchase if your daytime running light (DRL) runs <9 volts.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Should have got these first, skip the crap out there

I tried two other brands of cheap crap LED lights in my Dodge Ram before buying LEDEAGLE. One previous set cost three times the price and were such garbage. I was so mad I didn't return them, just threw them in the garbage. High price doesn't always mean quality.

What I like:

1) The connectors and plugin grip tightly and make good electrical contact every time (unlike the cheap crap)

2) The beam pattern is fully adjustable to get the best light projection. The reflector housing in your vehicle is designed to reflect a halogen bulb located at an exact location. Change to a LED bulb, and the orientation in the reflector changes. The LEDEAGLE is adjustable for best reflection and a good cutoff line to avoid blinding other drivers. When first installed, the light was scattered all over. Loosen the allen key locking screw, and the bulb can be rotated to obtain the best beam shape with a sharp cutoff line at the top. You will of course want to do this at night, with the car pointing at the garage door or a wall. A quick adjustment and I went from dim scattered light, to a bright pattern with a sharp cutoff at the top.

3) These are really bright!! I get a little scared when I approach or follow a cop car. Brighter than previous LED's I tried, and brighter than my old HID's. I think the ability to adjust the bulb beam pattern makes a big difference.

Note: In Canada we have daytime running lights on all the time. Daytime running lights can cause a flicker of the bulb. I have installed the Eagle anti-flicker capacitor. I still get a tiny flicker, but in daytime barely noticeable. One day I will get around to connecting the lights to a 12v relay to fix the daytime light issue.

Super bright night lights!!!!

I have tested many led headlights in many different applications for my 2008 Dodge Ram 1500. And Yes. It does need a TIPM for the headlights h13.
These by far have outshined the previous 5 leds I’ve tried.
The beam pattern is crisp and clear and the colour is beautiful.
The distance is by far the longest of all my trials.
Upgraded the fogs and I light up the night.
The customer service answers within 24 hours via Facebook messenger and they do their best to answer any questions and help you through selecting the right bulb and adaptors if need be.
The cut off is good. I adjusted my headlights and fogs to hit the road but not to blind ppl so I know it’s good as I have not gotten any one flash me yet.
Would recommend.
I don’t write many reviews but I have been searching for lights for a long time and have not had any luck until I came across these.
Definitely going to keep amd would recommend.
Just be sure to get the extras if need be
My fogs don’t need the canbus antiflicker even though it said it does. ( I tested both ways) and I decided to keep them on because it helps maintain stable voltage to the bulbs which will only prolong the longevity of the lights to shine at optimal brightness and voltage
I drive to work at night and these definitely light up my drive.