LED EAGLE DiamondVision H4(9003/HB2) LED Headlight Bulbs

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DELIVERS 12,000 LUMENS BRIGHTNESS AND AVERAGE 12-YEAR LIFESPAN with the top of the line technology. With a FREE 1-year warranty from our trusted Canada based headquarters.

EASY INSTALLATION is as simple as changing any LED lights using our ‘Plug-n-Play’ technology. Direct replacement for H4(9003/HB2) halogen bulbs.

RESISTANT TO EXTREME WEATHER snow, storm, fog and night time driving using IP65-rated water-resistant LED and aircraft-grade aluminum body.

COMPATIBLE WITH ALL VEHICLES 2011 AND BEYOND leveraging Total Integrated Power Modules (TIPM) systems.

WHAT YOU GET 2x LED EAGLE DiamondVision LED Headlight bulbs with 12,000LM(6,000LM*2) and 72W(36W*2), 2x intelligent illumination drivers/ballasts, 2x built-in factory plugs/wires.

WARNING Do not purchase if your daytime running light (DRL) runs <9 volts.

Customer Reviews

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Excellent produit et service après vente.

Installé sur un Jeep wrangler 2014 il ma fallu mettre le kit TIPM. Ici sur la côte nord du Québec notre seule route de 1000 km qui mene à la ville de Québec est à double sens, sinueuse et pas éclairé. C'est une des routes les plus dangereuse en Amérique du Nord, elle est surnommée la route des croix!!! Les lumières LED Eagle me permettent maintenant d'y circuler securitairement, la quantité de lumière qui s'en dégage est très impressionnante!!! Je peux éclairer d'une courbe à l'autre. Parfois lorsque je mets les "hautes" je ris tellement ça éclaire !!!! À ma très grande joie LED Eagle a remplacé une de mes lumière qui était un peu défectueuse.
J'en ai aussi installer sur mes motoneiges, à noter que sur celles-ci parfois il faut modifier un peu le fillage.

5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome brightness. One of my best purchases.

Im the type to do a lot of research before purchases and I did the same for this one. I drive a Rav 4 2001 and I needed something with really good cutoff for my reflective housing. I got the 9003 h4

I am soo impressed with this. Before my halogens were so dim I wasn't able to even see the road directly in front of me, now with the led its great. it is very bright and the roads are clear. The cut off is perfect too.

Make sure you install it so the metal is verticle so the led points left and right. I installed it the wrong way at first and it makes a big difference. There's no cut is poor and u get 2 hot spots..I included a picture of it beside my old halogen ( left side is new led but installs the wrong way and right side is my old halogen).

Highly recommended.


These are **AMAZING** by far the highest quality! Everything else is cheap crap, tested three of the other highest sellers, one bulb flickers, brighter than the other, off color spectrum etc. I could go into detail but YouTube what to look for in LED headlights and these are what you want. Others the high beam does NOTHING, this high beam is the BRIGHTEST thing I've ever seen!!!! Well worth the $$$$ check the low vs high photos. Absolutely incredible. Has an amazing cut off, these photos are using a reflector headlamp. Guess we'll see how they hold up! This is the 1200lumen model