LED EAGLE H11 Load Resistor for Jeep - LED EAGLE CANADA

LED EAGLE H11 Load Resistor for Jeep

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  • After you convert the DRL from halogen bulbs over to LED lights, a DRL warning light may be on on your dashboard. The reason for that is because the LED light does not use as much current as the 65 watt halogen bulb, so we need to install a resistor/error canceller/decoder that makes the system think that the LED has a same load as a halogen bulb.
  • Sold as a pair. You need to install a load resistor on each side of the DRL.
  • 6 ohm at 50 watt. It is a resistor that's encased in the aluminum housing for heat dissipation. Because the aluminum will get very hot, it's recommended that you install this or mount this onto a metal surface in the engine compartment so it helps dissipate the heat.
  • You have a male and a female connector, so one will connect to your factory harness and the other one will connect to the LED bulb.
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